Elected Officers


Kevin Tatum


President/CEO - November 2012 to Present 

Past Vice President - June 2011 to November 2012


George Garrison


Vice President - January 2016 to Present


Mary Jones


Secretary - January 2016 to Present


Mildred McCoy


Treasurer - June 2009 to Present


Board Members

Executive Board Members

Sargent-At-Arms: Richard Doss
Talent Coordinator: Laura Tatum
Ways and Means: Linda Erickson
Membership Chairman: Lottie Northcutt


Board Members

Public Relations: Donna Fisher
Advertising and Promotions: Mary Bruce
   -Email Chairman: Ellen Tyree
   -Show Sponsorships: Kevin Tatum
   -Newsletter Chairman/Publisher and Editor:
   -Websites: Kevin Tatum
   -Facebook: Kevin Tatum, Laura Tatum
Educational Director and Seminars Chairman:
Competition/Evaluation Committee Chairman: Teri Newby
Scholarships Chairman:
Scholarships Co-chairman: Sherry Miller
By Laws Committee and 501(c)(3) Development Committee: Donna Fisher, Kevin Tatum

Bob Woods Memorial Committee: Completed


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