who is the cmsa?

(the country music singers' association)

Do you sing, yodel, or write songs? Play the guitar? What about the ukelele or harmonica? Whatever makes you a musician, there's a place for you in the CMSA -- and opportunities to share your talent and hone your craft abound. We've been providing a stage and a community of support for artists of all walks and ages for 25 years.

music lovers.

A stage is nothing without an audience, and music doesn't mean much if there's nobody listening. The CMSA is a community for lovers of country, bluegrass, folk, and gospel music -- and more. Pull up a chair and lend your ear; there's always something nice to listen to and plenty of events to choose from.


The entertainers and the fans which comprise the membership of our non-profit music organization create an ideal ground for Oklahoma talent to germinate and grow. Music brings people together to do great things, and that's why we're here and doing what we do, year after year. Because music is powerful, we also join together to help fundraise for and support other organizations doing great things in our State.