Pageant RULES

1. This is a Natural Pageant, meaning points will be taken off for FAKE HAIR, FAKE TEETH, SPRAY TANS, TOO MUCH MAKE UP, INNAPPROPRIATE DRESS FOR AGE. We want CMSA to be represented the Oklahoma Way..... Natural. 

2. The Pageant is about confidence in One's self and that can be displayed how ever the contestant feels comfortable.

3. Required Categories

        A. Theme Wear (Western/Country Wear)

        B. Formal Wear (ages birth to 12 can wear Sunday Best - 13 and older should wear Performance clothing/formal Dress)

        C. Casual Wear (age appropriate clothing that expresses the contestants personality)

4. Be polite and cheer for everyone.

5. All Contestants wanting to compete for Ultimate Supreme Ms. and/or Mr. Country Music Singers Association of Oklahoma MUST compete in the  vocal competition portion of the contest.


     1. Prettiest Eyes

     2. Prettiest Hair

     3. Prettiest Smile

     3. Most photogenic (Must be a 3x5 photo in a sleeve with name and age on back of photo) it will be returned at the end of the pageant.

     4. Vocal Competition (can play an instrument, like keyboard or guitar at the same time)

Finalization of the contestant winners is at the review of the Committee after the Judging has concluded.

The CMSA Pageant Winner will have the opportunity to represent CMSA of OK at the National Level and at Civic Functions. The CMSA Pageant Winner may also have the opportunity to earn a music scholarship. 

Country Music Singers Association of OKlahoma

Questions Please Call Pageant Chair:

       Rebecca 405-905-9944

CMSA 1st Annual Natural Pageant


Del City Country Western Museum

3925 SE 29th Street

Del City, Ok

OCTOBER 21, 2017

10:00 am (Practice Time/Registration)

​We will provide a pageant training for all contestants (attendance is not required but is offered free of charge for all of those who wish to participate)

​11:00 am Pageant Begins

​Awards Immediately following

​Age Categories: newborn to 2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12; 13-16; 17 and older 

​Titles to be awarded: Each age category:  Queen/King, Talent, Photogenic


                                   Pretty Eyes

​                                   Pretty Smile

​                                   Overall Talent

​                                   Ultimate Queen/King Ms. or Mr. CMSA of OK